Wednesday, September 12, 2007

St. Vincent is so awesome.

Annie Clark goes by the name of St. Vincent. She's a classically trained guitarist who has played with Sufjan Stevens and The Polyphonic Spree, just to name a couple of acts. She has a really haunting, bird-like voice that's high and low at the same time, if that makes any sense at all. She does a cover of Nico's "These Days" that I really love (you know, the song they play in The Royal Tenenbaums where Gwyneth Paltrow gets off the bus).

Gorilla vs. Bear just posted a video of St. Vincent covering The Beatles' "Dig A Pony" in the back of a cab. I was surprised to see that it's an electric guitar she's got back there - and she kinda shreds. Just a little bit.

St. Vincent's Website
St. Vincent on MySpace
All of the Black Cab Sessions on YouTube

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