Monday, February 16, 2009


Fear not dear readers. Though the state of Michigan cannot decide whether it wants to let winter stay or go, I have just the band to cure your winter blues. Punchline is by no means a new, up and coming band, think of them rather as a band that has yet to "catch on". Though I don't know that that really bothers the band all that much.

You see, growing up in Michigan doesn't really have a lot of perks to it. There is no skate/surf scene, no Jersey-scene basement shows, no New York-hardcore underground. As a kid, I could have either stuck to listening to what the mainstream was force feeding me, or find bands on my own. Anyone remember (RIP) ? We have nothing but word of mouth. That's one of the reasons we started this here blog. That and the music scene that I hold so dearly to my heart, yet am beginning to lose faith in, has become an embarrassing case of who can have the brightest merch or the most ridiculous swooping haircuts. Bands put far more work into developing their image than they do their sound.

Don't look so discouraged pop-punk kid. There are bands that still care about making music. Real, genuine music. Please welcome to the stage...Punchline. Punchline has a handful of releases behind them (5 to be exact) and a fierce following. Their energetic brand of pop-punk is just what this music scene needs. Their past releases have become a staple to my music collection but it wasn't until recently that their latest album, Just Say Yes, really truly hit me. I can think of at least 3 ex-girlfriends I'd like to send a copy of this album to.

Close your blinds, close your eyes and put yourself on a sunny beach somewhere. I guarantee you Punchline will accompany that daydream perfectly.

Check em out:

Recommended if you like: dude ranch-era blink 182, new found glory, good music

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