Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hot Box

The guy up there eating a meatball is my friend Eric, a former Michigan kid who is currently the drummer for Boston band Hot Box. His band is just about to release their first full length, Four Eyes.

I found out from this article that the band consists of Eric plus three...neuroscientists. This doesn't surprise me because he's the kind of guy that can get along with anyone, but he moved to Boston to work for an ad agency. I can't help but wonder how their paths crossed. How did that first conversation go? "You guys are brain scientists? Dude, that's awesome!! Stick these electrodes on my head while I play drums!"

Eric's everyday enthusiasm can totally be heard on the drums in this album. It's a good contrast between the two girls' dreamy and relaxed vocals. They kindly let me share the first song with you, which is called "Busy, Busy, Busy". Their record comes out on vinyl (with a digital download) on April 29th. You can pre-order Four Eyes here for $10.

MP3: Hot Box - Busy, Busy, Busy

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