Friday, September 28, 2007

Athlete does live up to the hype

I'm going to put myself out there and say that Athlete is really deserving of all the buzz it's getting. Imagine if Muse wasn't so insanely melodramatic, and sounded more honest and poignant instead. And if they looked like they needed a haircut six weeks ago, in a cute way.

At first you might think it's some kind of ambient, experimental crap. But that's just the first few seconds. Once all the pieces fall into place, they sound more like 90s Brit-rock in its heyday (The Bends era Radiohead, not Liam Gallagher). Their new album, Beyond the Neighbourhood, just came out in the US this week. These Brits don't mess around. They have extra U's in their words. And they will fight you with them.

They have lots of songs on their MySpace page, but these two are highly recommended.

Athlete - Airport Disco
Athlete - Tokyo


Matt said...

they have a song on the Last Kiss soundtrack called El's pretty cool stuff.

Sarah said...

Very cool, I just gave Athlete a listen and I am liking it

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