Sunday, September 23, 2007

I got my record player fixed

Shortly after I bought all those records in Hotlanta, I broke the needle on my record player. I never got around to fixing it, but this weekend I found a couple more gems in the dusty used LP bins. Off to Guitar Center I went to buy a brand new needle-majiggy. And so I've been happily listening to these two steals:

First we have Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks. This was $1 at People's Records in Detroit. A dollar! I had never been there before - it's kind of hard to find because it's in a basement of a building with no signs on it. Because of its obscurity I was expecting the people to be very "Gotothemall." like Jack Black in High Fidelity, but they were cool.

After hating Bob Dylan forever, I fell in love with Blonde on Blonde this summer. It took a while for me to get over the way he sings and the whiny harmonica. If you haven't found him listenable before, I think Blood on the Tracks is more accessible. It's from the mid-70s after he went electric, so it's less brash than his earlier stuff. It's still simple, though. The lyrics seem, for me anyway, to come through immediately on the first listen or two, which is what really makes his music great. "Tangled Up In Blue" and "Idiot Wind" are two of the more well-known songs on there, so how about giving "Meet Me In The Morning" a try.

Bob Dylan - Meet Me In The Morning

And then I got Some Girls by The Rolling Stones at Dearborn Music. The best part is that the upper left hand corner is stamped with "Not for sale - Promotional Copy" in gold. I started listening more to some of the British Invasion stuff this summer, like The Who, The Kinks and of course the Stones. The greatest thing about The Rolling Stones is how they can sound like 8 different bands on one record. "Miss You" is almost like disco, "Far Away Eyes" is country, "Shattered" is...I don't know...rock that kinda borders on punk or even new wave? If you think you don't like them, just keep listening to different stuff. I promise you'll find something you like. I'll even bet you like this song, but you never knew who it was.

The Rolling Stones - Miss You

Hope you like them. Matt and I are going to the Blind Pig to see Rocky Votolato tonight. If the show's good, we'll have a cardboard tube fight to see who gets to blog about it.

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