Monday, September 24, 2007

Portugal. The Man, and JAM

Last night we went to the Blind Pig to see Rocky Votolato play an amazing show. I'm going to be a gracious blog buddy and leave the review for Matt to write later on today. Judging from the number of Champagnes of Beers he nursed last night, I'd guess he'll be waking up around noon-thirty or so.

This band called Portugal. The Man opened for RV and I really dug them. Imagine a trippy indie jam band. Now take everything about a jam band that sucks and throw it out the window. There were no gratuitous solos for anyone or mindless "yeah allright" filler vocals. They just f-ing...rocked out! They ended with a cover of Helter Skelter that sealed the deal for me. I ended up buying a CD for $5. Haven't listened to it yet, but it's called It's Complicated Being A Wizard and the first track is 23 minutes long. How could I leave that gem sitting on the merch table?

This video is highly recommended. It stars a grizzly bear driving an El Camino and playing the drums. It's a funny coincidence that we stopped at the Grizzly Peak Brewing Co. last night for the best beer I've ever had. It had "caramel notes" in it. Sounds like a very classy way to get sloppy in my opinion.

Portugal The Man - AKA M80 The Wolf

[via FoxyTunes / Portugal. The Man]


Anonymous said...

Right on. Saw the show in Lawrence. PTM were really good.

Anonymous said...

PTM are basically the best. I saw them on this tour at the First Unitarian in Philly, they played Helter Skelter there too. It's Complicated Being a Wizard is nothing like what they play live, though.

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