Monday, September 10, 2007


Things are starting to shape up around here. I'm slowly making progress on the layout, so it might look a little funny for a few days until I get it all done. Sometimes I get lost in Photoshop for hours on end, but I can't let the important (music) part slip!

I heard about this band called Tigercity a few months ago, listened to their stuff but wasn't into it. Then I heard them play live on Fair Game with Faith Salie (which is a radio show I absolutely love - it's like The Daily Show, but about more than just politics). I think the live studio session softened their sound a little bit. The foundation of their music is a synth layer underneath. Their drums are driven by poppy cymbals, and then everything is topped off with falsetto vocals. Not surprisingly, I think it was the vocals that turned me off the first time. Their original recordings have a harshness to them that these live performances do not.

In addition to the Faith Salie show, Last Monday they did a live Daytrotter session that sounds fantastic. We're still working on getting a place to host MP3s, so in the meantime, I'm just going to point you in the right direction for where to get these two sets.

Live on Fair Game with Faith Salie: (Click here, then search for "Tigercity")

Catch them live in Detroit next Wednesday, September 19th at the Magic Stick w/Mystery Jets and Stylofone.

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