Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Discovery: Death in the Park

I'll search this whole town just for you, let's tear it down and make it new

When a band I get attached to breaks up, it leaves me torn (see -blink 182). I'm left with the feeling that I have a void in my musical heart that no new band can fill. Things get even more complicated when said band splits and new bands form in the wake of their dissolution. It's like I'm going through a divorce with my parents. Do I stay with dad, or should I take mom's side on this one? Even if it was a mutual decision, I feel compelled to choose a side.

Such is the case with Death in the Park. Formed after the smoke cleared from the heartbreaking split of Hot Rod Circuit, Death in the Park is the next chapter for former frontman Andy Jackson and Joe Ballaro (both of Hot Rod Circuit fame). Don't let the name fool you, this band is every bit as poppy as their predecessor.

There were rumors that after the split, that Andy Jackson was trying out for already established bands. One of the bigger names thrown around was Taking Back Sunday. This excited me, as I really felt his voice could provide an excellent piece to the complicated puzzle that Taking Back Sunday had assembled. I also felt very unhappy with the news, as I feel that he was better suited for a front man spot than a lousy backup singer. I have a bit of a love/hate thing going on with music if you haven't already noticed.

Anyways, I'm rambling...where were we? Ah yes, Death in the Park. Let's just get this out of the way now... I love them! I'm all for artists/bands, whatever you want to call them, progressing musically but sometimes I'm alright with them not changing too much. Death in the Park picks up where Hot Rod Circuit left off and they haven't missed one beat.

If I had to point out one flaw in this band, it's simply that there isn't enough of them yet. With only 3 songs on their myspace, and no full length expected until early 2009, the band chose to tour and build a fanbase before releasing an album. The lyrics are heartfelt, the music is catchy, and there is no doubt in my mind this band will be just as big, if not bigger than Hot Rod Circuit in time. My favorite song of the 3 on the page is Sway, hands down.

Check 'em out on myspace and keep an eye out for their EP to hit iTunes sometime this month.

myspace: Death in the Park

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