Thursday, January 29, 2009

Horse Feathers

Horse Feathers was the only new band I discovered in 2008 that I really fell in love with. After hearing "Mother's Sick" on the Portland Cello Project record, I bought House With No Home on vinyl late in the year. It's beautiful, sparse acoustic guitar against rich strings. Justin Ringle's vocals are emotive but gentle. I think this band is the reason that I can't appreciate Bon Iver. I guess I understand why people like Bon Iver, but Horse Feathers just blows that guy out of the water.

I recently came across Horse Feathers' first record, Words Are Dead. I was bracing myself to be disappointed since I loved the last one so much, but I was anything but. It's just as gorgeous. The best part it that the very last song is a simpler arrangement of "Mother's Sick", the first song of theirs that I ever heard.

MP3: Horse Feathers - Mother's Sick

You can buy Words are Dead from Lucky Madison (I just did!) and House With No Home from Kill Rock Stars.

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