Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Silent Years - The Globe

This summer, local indie darlings The Silent Years released their second album, entitled "The Globe". My promo copy must have gotten lost in the mail, so I just now got around to listening to it. It's awesome.

I'm not sure what it was about their last album (self-titled), but I wasn't in love with it. Maybe I was a little bored with seeing them play the same songs live so many times that the recorded versions didn't evoke anything in me. I definitely had to be in the right mood to listen to it: self-reflective and a little bit blue.

When I heard The Globe, I realized that The Silent Years hadn't really found their sound as a band yet on that last record. I think back then they were more like a bunch of musicians trying to put instruments to Josh Epstein's songs. But on The Globe, they're totally unrestrained and confident. They're still a bit wistful, they lyrics are full of observation and wonderment, but there's a brightness that just wasn't there before. I'm really surprised this record didn't get more attention than it did. Maybe I should go the next time they're at the Lager House, just in case they blow up.

Download: The Silent Years - Climb On My Back (highly recommended!!111one.)

There are also six other songs from The Globe on The Silent Years MySpace page. From there you can also download their self-titled release for free.

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