Friday, January 16, 2009

Songs About Time has got me on a Rentals kick

So, the new Rentals song came out, "Fall Into the Eve".  I went to download it and their server was down.  I waited a few days, finally heard it, and was kind of whatever-y about it.  Then I watched their first film.

The music in this video made me feel all fuzzy and nostalgic.  Whatever they're recording in this short is The Rentals at their best: glitchy, vroomy analog synth over angelic female vocals.  It had me running to my iPod to hear Return of the Rentals again, their debut album back from 1995.  Back then, Matt Sharp was still with Weezer.  Can you imagine what Weezer might sound like now, had he stuck with them?  I guarantee you, douchebags with tight t-shirts and backwards hats would NOT be running to the jukebox to play "Troublemaker".  The Red Abomination, indeed!

Here's a little blast from the past:

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