Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Keytar Hero World Tour

Someday, the makers of Guitar Hero and Rock Band are going to realize that a very important instrument is missing from everyone's pretend bands. That instrument is the keyboard. I can't understand why they've left it out. The only reason I can think of: it's really hard to look cool while you're playing the keyboard. You can't move around too much, and there's so many keys that you kind of have to concentrate.

But this is easily solved! All they have to do is make a keytar controller. You can play it standing up. The star power tilt would apply. The rock star cool factor could definitely be achieved with a keytar. It's the obvious solution.

The next step would be picking songs, and more importantly, figuring out who you'd battle in the game. Here's who I'd want to take on in order to beat each difficulty level.

Adrienne Verhoeven, The Anniversary (Beginner)

To this day, I still check eBay and Craigslist periodically to see if I can find a Moog Prodigy. I remember back when The Anniversary were still around, they were regularly available for about $400. I really wish I would've saved up for one even though I was a poor college kid. I so love that simple sliding-up-an-octave synth noise thanks to Adrienne and her Moog.

MP3: The Anniversary - The D in Detroit

Eric Harvey, Spoon (Easy)

Spoon's piano parts are good to play when there happens to be a piano at a party and you're kind of drunk. They're in happy major keys, they aren't too difficult, and chances are most people don't know the song you're trying to play anyway.

MP3: Spoon - The Way We Get By

James Dewees, The Get Up Kids / Reggie and the Full Effect (Medium)

photo by out_of_rhythm

This picture of James Dewees decked out head to toe in Hannah Montana clothing is the least disturbing picture of him that I found on Flickr. I'm not kidding. I took the time to give photo credits for a reason.

Reggie and the Full Effect - Your Girlfriend Hates Me

Jenny Conlee, The Decemberists (Hard)

Jenny is hands down the most underrated member of The Decemberists. She supplies their trademark olde-timey accordion sound as well as the keyboards and organs that were so prominent on The Crane Wife. Her organ part on The Island just amazes me every time I hear it. The few seconds of her solo is my favorite part of the entire record.

MP3: The Decemberists - The Island

Ben Folds (Expert)

This one is a no-brainer. To beat the game on expert, you have the toughest boss, or the Bowser of Keytar Hero if you will. The guy who will fight you to the death and then tell you that the princess is in another castle. Who else if not Ben Folds?

MP3: Ben Folds - Zac and Sara

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