Monday, March 02, 2009

The Chairs - New Record + Haiku Available for Pre-Order

The Chairs are releasing Laugh, It's a Fright on March 17. By "releasing", they mean they will personally mail it to you. You can order it at their website as of right now. They promise to spend the money on Christmas ornaments, funny hats and hamster food.

If you pre-order before March 17th, the band will write you a haiku. I'm going to keep them honest by inviting everyone to post their haiku on my blog. It's not that I think they'd lie. It's just that their honesty is one of the best things about following the band, and if they became too jaded I'd be sad. They even admitted that they recorded the album in a dorm room next to their adopted hamster, Margot. Now, don't you want to buy the record/feed the hamster?

They have two songs from the new record on their Myspace page, my favorite of which is "This Isn't a Fire Fortress". Also up there right now is "Polly"and an excellent Neutral Milk Hotel cover from their last EP.

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