Saturday, September 29, 2007

But I want to see Bishop Allen on Tuesday.

I'm staying in like an old lady tonight because I definitely feel a sickness coming on. I'm drinking tea, adding friends to the new MySpace page and wishing that I'll feel better by Tuesday night. I rarely like going to shows after working all day, just because I'm too tired to fully enjoy the music. But I was going to make an exception for Bishop Allen, who will be at The Blind Pig with John Vanderslice.

I can't exactly remember when I first saw Bishop Allen - I think they opened for Rilo Kiley a couple of years ago. Then in 2006 they got a lot of attention for releasing a new EP every single month. The cover art illustrations were really gorgeous and the music didn't disappoint either. It's a tough feat to consistently put out good music month after month for a whole year. But these guys did it.

In the midst of churning out all those EPs, they came to the Lager House last summer and put on a great show. I was really lucky to see them in my favorite venue. Despite being so small, it's divided into two rooms: the bar and the stage. It was a really hot night, so we listened to them from right outside the door by the stage where it was a little cooler. We couldn't see the band, yet they fully had our attention. "Corazon" kind of floated over the whole place. It was one of those memories that defined last summer for me.

I will go to this show if I have to stand there with a Kleenex in one nostril.

Bishop Allen - Corazon (from the January EP)

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Photo credit: Flickr user logan.johnson


bigshoulders said...

I hope you get to feeling better, in order to make it to the Bishop Allen show!

I just finished putting my thoughts down on John Vanderslice w/ Bishop Allen show that I caught on 21SEP07. I had just recently been turned on to BA from the release The Broken String and I really enjoyed their opening set for Vanderslice.

Is this a combo show as well? They really complement each other, and I haven't seen a finer double-billing in a long time.

Best Wishes,

bigshoulders said...

Thanks for the add, and I'm really sorry to hear that the "Walking Death" is still lingering.

Hope you find some relief soon!

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