Saturday, September 29, 2007

Local Artists: Mike Robillard

I've had many many friends form bands ever since the early days when I was in middle school. And let's just be honest for a second, they sucked. Sure, at the time, they seemed cool and maybe even good, but its ok to admit they weren't really all that good. No one expects them to be.

There is something different about Mike Robillard. Maybe it's because he isn't writing about things that were important when you were in middle school/high school. I've been a fan of Mike's solo stuff since the first time I heard it (not using that as bragging rights, just saying). I've seen him play a few shows at the Modern Exchange quite a few times and each time he had a new set of songs to play. I've seen him pack tiny coffee shops and sing his heart out. The kid is a music making machine. He is never satisfied with what he has, and continues to write trying to better what he's already done.

I've always admired singer/songwriters because it takes a little bit more guts to get up on stage and do what they do. If your music sucks, or the lyrics are terrible you've got nobody to blame but yourself. Though he doesn't have any songs up on his myspace page yet, there is a youtube video from a few years ago of him playing one of his songs, "The Next Romantic". If you're a fan of Damien Rice, Howie Day, Dustin Kensrue, etc. you'll love Mike's stuff.

After taking some time off, he's back working hard on recording new material and is slowly starting to book some shows. His next show is at the Modern Exchange on October 10th, 9 PM. You definitely won't want to miss it. Go see him live, talk to him on myspace. He's one of the most honest and open people you'll ever meet. At least then you can say you knew him before he takes over the world.

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