Friday, September 07, 2007

The Decemberists Do the Weeds Theme Song

The Decemberists are the latest indie band to try their hand at "Little Boxes", an old standard that serves as the theme song to Showtime's Weeds. Their version is a little creepy, kind of sinister sounding, and very Decemberist-y. Chris Funk, who is the band's slide guitarist, hurdy-gurdyist, and Luxembourg, had this to say about their contribution:

Just watching this show makes me nervous. Whenever I smoke the stuff I end up being that guy at the party that should have really just left the scene. You know; the fool so stoned that [he] becomes cemented to the cat pee smelling cracked pleather chair in the corner who’s creeping everyone out because he won’t talk to anyone and he won’t move for nothing.

So in doing this song, we thought it would be appropriate to have the chord progression shift to a minor key, suggesting a bit of tension and more directly, a darker tone. The song really isn’t that cheery when you dig a little deeper and get past that sweet voice and melody, in reality quite depressing…ah life.
It hasn't been determined which episode of the show that this song will appear on. You can listen to it by clicking here.

The Decemberists' Website
The Shins version of Little Boxes

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