Monday, September 17, 2007

sounds like someone has a case of the mondays...

Very few things are worse than a Monday morning. One of them being a Monday morning after getting roughly 5 hours of garbage sleep. You may be wondering what garbage sleep is, and I'll tell you. It's the kind of sleep you have where at first you have trouble getting to bed, and then waking up almost every hour on the hour for no apparent reason. Aside from that, the weathers great and I have tomorrow off so getting through this long ten hour day shouldn't be too bad.

The weekend was great, saw Feist on Saturday and she put on an amazing show. The countdown to NYCis under a month now and it's basically all I've been thinking about lately.

Since I got in this morning, I've been searching endlessly through my music for a good recomendation for the day/week and I think I've narrowed it down for now. I tried picking an album that captured my all time favorite season, and that would of course be Fall. To me, this album goes hand in hand with the crisp, cool air and the changing leaves.

If I could open my arms, and span the length of the isle of Manhatten.
I'd bring it to where you are, making a lake of the east river and hudson

These are the opening lyrics that kick off Plans by Death Cab For Cutie. And just like that, the mood of today has changed.

In my eyes, Ben Gibbard is probably one of the most talented singer/songwriters of our time. His lyrics are witty, charming and chock full of metaphors. Though this may not be Death Cab's best work, that being Transatlanticism, this is a very solid effort. If you've never listened to Death Cab, I suggest listening to that album first to start off but their music is easily accessible to fans of all sorts of music. If I'm not mistaken, this album spawned 3 singles, the first being Soul Meets Body followed by one of my all-time favorite Death Cab songs, I Will Follow You Into The Dark. The third single, Crooked Teeth, may be the most radio friendly of them all. On top of releasing this cd, they also released a DVD called Directions 8 months later that contains fan made videos for all 11 songs that were selected as part of a contest. The video below is off of this DVD and is the winning video made for the song Crooked Teeth.

Check out Death Cab For Cutie on Mypsace
Also, the album and DVD can be bought online at Barsuk record's webstore

That's all for today, there are a few things that I am working on for the future. Still trying to make a Myspace for us, since everytime we post our link the sweet people of myspace change them to their homepage. I'm also working on a few reviews of some albums coming out this month.

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