Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh No! Oh My! at! the! WAB! tonight!

Today is my day off, and normally that means I would be as far away from a computer as humanly possible. But I absolutely have to remind everybody that Oh No! Oh My! is in town and playing at the Woodward Avenue Brewery in Ferndale tonight. You HAVE to go check them out. They're playing with The Deadly Syndrome and one of the best local bands around right now, The Silent Years. It's going to be "around $5" to get in, which means you can spend more money on beer, right?

I don't know very much about The Deadly Syndrome, but here's a little bit about the other two bands. Listening to Oh No! Oh My! puts me in a good mood no matter what. It's lighthearted music that makes me want to smile and bop around like a dork. They have tamborines, handclaps and exclamation points galore. They're a soundtrack-to-my-life band, meaning that I wish their songs would play in the background whenever I'm having fun during the day.

The Silent Years are Detroit's darlings right now. If you haven't gone to see these guys play yet, you're missing out. They always string greenery, flowers and lights across the stage, and their singer staples science fair letters to his clothes. I think that makes me like them more for some reason. Their lyrics are really thought out and smart. I promise you'll be singing along to their songs in your head for a few days.

So it's at the WAB on Woodward, just south of 9 mile, and it starts at 9. These are two of my most favorite bands playing under the same roof, and I promise you won't hear me recommending another show this highly for a very long time. Listen to their music and check them out tonight if you can!

Oh No! Oh My! on MySpace
The Silent Years on MySpace

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