Saturday, October 13, 2007

Oh No! Oh My! coming to Detroit

We're in NY for the weekend and internet access has been a little hard to come by. Right now I'm on the hotel computer, which is Net Nannied to death and won't let me open more than one window at a time. So this blog will not have any links in it or pretty pictures.

I just found out that Oh No! Oh My! is playing a few dates with The Silent Years, and one of them is at the Woodward Avenue Brewery on October 24th. This presents a little bit of a dillemma as The Hard Lessons are also playing that night at The Blind Pig. I think I might have to go with Oh No! Oh My!, since I haven't seen them yet and they are a-may-zing.

Oh No! Oh My! and The Silent Years both deserve their own proper post, which they will get when we get back home. Top priority for today: get a Dwight bobblehead at the NBC store.

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Carrie Burgan said...

Christina... Thought I'd "trade" blogs with you. Nate gave me the URL to your blog. Nice work. You know we love da' tunes. Cheers!

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