Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Things We Missed

We are back from New York, and as far as I can tell we only missed three important things.

1) CMJ Music Marathon. Lack of planning on our part means we went one weekend early. The CMJ Music Marathon starts today in NYC. Oops. You can download a sampler of CMJ artists from InSound that features tracks from Crystal Castles, British Sea Power and The Octopus Project.

2) The Office. My TiVo also took a vacation and decided not to record anything while I was gone. Luckily, you can watch every episode this season for free on NBC.com. More importantly, Give Me My Remote has proof that J. Kras loves hockey. Question: who watches a hockey game empty handed? Answer: I would've bought Jim Halpert a beer. My point is that You Ain't No Picasso has an Office mixtape for you to download, which makes this totally music related.

3) People Getting Punched Just Before Eating. The new Andy Samberg digital short has me in stitches. Plus my-favorite-rock-star-in-the-whole-world Dave Grohl is in it.

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