Monday, November 12, 2007

Show Review - Girl Talk @ Eagle Theater 11/10

When I finally got home from the Girl Talk show very early Sunday morning, the two tank tops I was wearing were still soaked in sweat.

Sweat and Girl Talk seem to go hand in hand. Every time I read an article about Gregg Gillis it includes a picture of him in various states of undress with dripping hair. Now I know why. He literally manufactures sweat by clicking that laptop. The second he starts playing, everyone is magnetized into a giant dancing huddle.

Usually when I'm at a crowded show, everyone around me is standing completely rigid, struggling to defend their tiny space at their current distance from the stage. This crowd, on the other hand, was like a raging ocean rushing at the stage in waves. I ended up right in front peering over the edge of the stage whether I wanted to be that close or not. And all I had to do was stretch my hand up and someone happily pulled me onto the stage.

It was quite the crush of humanity. My feet were bruised in several places from being jumped on, and my body was being crushed in front and back by the crowd. One hand was awkwardly extending out and...ended up directly between Gregg Gillis' face and his laptop screen! I saw that the man had to saran wrap his laptop because of all the dripping sweat.

I started to feel like I was going to pass out when the guy crushing me from the left yelled "BONNAROOOOOO!!" I had missed that yell so much! Bonnaroo was the first time I'd seen Girl Talk. We bonded as best as could be expected given the circumstances and then I got the heck out of that cluster f to get a glass of water.

Many thanks to Eryn for giving Matt and I a "press pass" to the show.

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Eryn said...

Any time! I don't think I would've had as much fun if you guys weren't there. I'm sore from shakin my stuff, but there's basically no possible way to stay still while watching his show. Let me know when you plan on coming to another show.

"don't go to the parking lot. there's nothing there but a trip down to boring town." lol

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