Monday, November 12, 2007

Weezer News I Sort of Still Reluctantly Care About

Via Indieblogheaven : Rivers Cuomo, who I will someday name my first dachshund after, is going to release a solo album of demos on December 11th. Not much is known about the CD as the tracklist is still under wraps, but the word is it'll include an Ice Cube cover and several tracks from "Songs from the Black Hole".

Songs from the Black Hole is like the Holy Grail for Weezer InterNerds. It was a rock opera concept album that was supposed to be released after The Blue Album, but was shelved. Many of those demos have already been hoarded on some people's hard drives for 7-8 years now (no one I know, though), so I don't really care all that much. You can find some of those demos here at Twelve Major Chords. If I remember correctly, You Won't Get With Me Tonight is the only halfway decent one out of the bunch, mostly because the lyrics are "who you callin' bitch?"

In other =w= news, they've just finished recording a sixth album whose title is yet to be revealed. I feel like I'm Charlie Brown and Lucy just told me to try and kick the football AGAIN. *sigh*. Blockhead!!

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