Thursday, December 27, 2007

Able Baker Fox, Polar Bear Club and my undying love for PBR

Who knew animals could rock so hard.

So today I was browsing around on myspace and I found two bands, and I've been listening to their songs for the last 2 hours straight. Honestly, this is like jaw-dropping music. I want to make a baby with these bands as the soundtrack. If you like Cursive, you HAVE to check out Able Baker now! Actually, even if you don't like Cursive you should check them out.

The other band is Polar Bear Club. Frontman that sounds like he chain smokes like Christina on a Saturday night, sweet breakdowns, gang vocals? Check, check, check. I think these guys are even gonna help me bring back the plaid shirt. These two bands make me want to redo my best of '07 lists. Just listening to PBC makes my throat hurt. Definitely for fans of Hot Water Music!

Able Baker Fox on myspace
Polar Bear Club on myspace

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