Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sea Wolf: Not Just Another Animal Band!

Hellooooo world! Excusey McSorryton here with a glass of shiraz and some new music for you. The formidable combination of work and school has kept me away from my ever-growing Google Reader of music blogland. Besides that, the new Radiohead has honestly kept me so enraptured that I haven't had much motivation to look for something new.

But tonight, Sea Wolf has brought me out of the shadows. I love Leaves in the River so much that I want to tell everyone about it. I suppose that's the reason I started a music blog in the first place. This record is dizzy, delicious, wandering-around-with-stars-in-your-eyes kind of stuff.

Please forage your way through the advertisements (pronounced ad-VER-tiz-munts) and listen to "Black Leaf Falls".

[MP3] Sea Wolf - Black Leaf Falls

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