Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Make This Sound

I think the reason I love bands with good keyboard parts in them is because it makes me think I could someday be in a band too. And I don't want that dream to die just yet.

I Make This Sound is pacifying me in this way. Their strong and clear piano doodles form the backbone of their music. The vocals are the perfect balance between apathetic and plaintive.
All of this is accompanied by a sweet smidgen of twee, from either some cheerleader-esque background vocals or jingle bells, for example.

There are one two three four five six seven of them and they're from Los Angeles. This means that they probably won't be able to make their way over to the Midwest unless they hit the lottery, so that they can pay for the gas.

They have a whole slew of songs on their MySpace page. You can also listen to their song "One Two Three" on The Let's Trade Muxtape.

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