Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who is this?/Savoir Adore

Hey...what happened here?

A fun fact about Matt and I is that we each work for the hemorrhaging mortgage and automotive industries, respectively. This means that every day, we look over our shoulders at a figurative ax man threatening to chop off our paychecks at the knees! As if that weight around our ankles isn't depressing enough, our beloved Weezer made us want to kill ourselves by releasing the horrendous Red Album.

Maybe we haven't had as much time to screw around at work and write about the music we spend our days listening to. But I for one miss this blog enough that I'm going to try my best to make time for it outside of the prison walls.

As our sidekick, we have our muxtape page, which we'll be using to post all of our suggested music.

Starting with...Savoir Adore, a cute boy-girl duo that are the antidote to all of this gray cloudy sadness. They are from Brooklyn, and from the looks of their MySpace page, they love square-headed robots too! Cool.

Savoir Adore just released a new full-length on Cantora Records, home of the hot-thing-of-the-moment-band MGMT. The Adventures of Mr. Pumpernickel and the Girl with Animals in Her Throat costs you only $7.

I unearthed a link to this page of free songs that doesn't seem to be easily found anymore. You can also listen to We Talk Like Machines on our Muxtape.

Enjoy the music, and it's very nice to see you again.

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Carrie Burgan said...

Hey thanks for the Muxtape link. I dig. My Muxtape is: http://puffytacos.muxtape.com
Good to see a new post!

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