Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Adventure, Nostalgia, and Robbery

The album title sums up the sound of Metro-Detroit's Fireworks perfectly. Those that know me know that my ears will forever be tied to pop-punk. It's something that started at an early age and though my musical tastes have changed quite drastically since the first time my ears were blessed with blink 182's Cheshire Cat, I will always have a special spot for the music that drew me away from Limp Bizkit (yeah, I know).

So what is it about Fireworks? They're loud, they're fast, they're fun. It's as simple as that. It's the perfect kind of soundtrack to your summer. If you ask me, if you're an up and coming pop-punk band and you don't use gang vocals, you can just geeeeeet out!

I have but two small problems with this 7". One, its only 9 minutes long. I understand EP's are supposed to be short, and it definitely leaves me wanting more, but I don't want to wait. The other, and this probably out of the band's hands, but the production is very hit and miss. The songs sounded much tighter on their debut EP, We Are Everywhere. I am positive if this band gets picked up by a mid-sized indie their debut full-length will be top notch.

If you're going to start, listen to a few songs off their first EP, We Are Everywhere off the ol' myspace page. You'll get a better feel for their sound, and its an all around better batch of songs.

Fireworks are on tour now and they will be back in town on July 12th. Put your dancing shoes on and head to Northville, it won't be long before this band is too big for VFW halls.

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