Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I find it very hard to fully support a side project that has been created by a member of a band that I don't particularly care for. And yes, I know that logic is probably a little messed up considering if I love said band, I will blindly follow any side project created (I'm looking at you Mr. Thomas DeLonge).

At any rate, such is not the case with Wolftron. Wolftron consists of one man, and one man only, Kenny Choi of pop-rock band Daphne Loves Derby. While I've never been a huge fan of Daphne, Wolftron may have hit me at the right time. The thing I like most about Wolftron is how completely stripped down it feels. It has a very eerie, sort of lonely feel to it that kind of wraps around you and hides you away from the world. The music and lyrics paint a picture that will leave you wanting more.

Flesh & Fears is exactly the kind of album I want to put on when I'm driving around late at night. It's the kind of album that will make you close your eyes wish you were somewhere else. Flesh & Fears is hauntingly beautiful, and a definite breath of fresh air.

take a listen for yourself:

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