Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Singles

My fiance is an artist, and so this Sunday was spent sitting in a booth full of paintings at the People's Art Festival.  I got to hear most of the local bands that played there since we were so close to one of the stages.  The best music I heard all day definitely came from The Singles.  They play a solid brand of power pop that caught my attention right away.  Their sound is jangly and harmony driven and deserves comparisons to The Kinks and early Rolling Stones.

My only complaint?  The skinny ties.  They even put them on their album cover.  Sorry for being snarky, but it's a little too The-Strokes-five-years-ago.  But I have faith that they can evolve!  And maybe date Drew Barrymore.

Today I went to check out their MySpace page, and I think one of the guys in the band went to my high school.  This would be inconsequential if not for the fact that he contributed directly to my first real heartbreak.  Picture it: my school's gym, 1999.  I'm at the Battle of the Bands when this guy gets on stage and sound checks with the riff from Led Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker".  The boy I was with, who was obsessed with Led Zep, asks if I know what song that is.  I don't.  Immediately, I know from his irritated reaction that I'll never have a chance with him now.  Thanks a lot, guy in The Singles.  You totally screwed me over.


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