Thursday, September 11, 2008


When was the last time you bought something with Canadian money? If you're from Detroit, it was probably getting drunk in Windsor before you turned 21. Those were the days...

I bet you have a few old loonies hanging around that you don't know what to do with. You probably want to give them to your 19 year old cousin or something, but then again, you don't want them doing the same things you did at that age, right?

Instead, gather up your funny looking change and buy Woodpigeon's album Treasure Library Canada. The band is from the great city of Calgary (sometimes pronounced "Cal-girly" if you're a hockey fan). Their roster is ridiculously huge. They have eight band members normally, plus a list of 13 co-conspirators from other music projects. This could be the next Broken Social Scene, proving that Canada's getting pretty good at producing musical groups that require family tree charts.

So what do they sound like? I think if you took Soof-yan Stevens and made him a little more poppy, like in the vein of The Decemberists, you'd have Woodpigeon. They're currently on a short tour with Calexico, and are playing a couple upcoming shows with Iron and Wine. See below for a link to "Now You Like Me How" off of Treasure Library Canada. If you want to listen to some more stuff for free, there's a section on on their MySpace page where you can download a free EP called Houndstooth. Those six songs were written on a trip to Paris, Berlin (supposedly the European Detroit), and another city I've never heard of. Hurray for American ignorance of world geography!

Listen: Woodpigeon - Now You Like Me How?
Buy the digital download & PAY WHAT YOU WILL!! at the band's website
Buy the digital download at and receive a bunch of bonus remixes and outtakes

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Tsuru said...

FANTASTIC album....... I hate using this word but, very underrated.

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