Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lightning Love

I predict that someone really smart in Ypsilanti is going to open up a bar with a decent size stage. That place has all the right ingredients for a good music scene: cheap rent, late night food and less pretension than that other college town nearby. I won't call it a trend yet, but Mason Proper may have got the Ypsi ball rolling with Olly Oxen Free, which is happily getting attention far and wide. It's too bad the phrase "Tipsy in Ypsi" is so overused that no one wants to drink there anymore for fear of setting off some frat boy douchebag who wants to bro out.

Lightning Love has little in common with Mason Proper except for their location. They remind me of Tullycraft with their cute twee pop songs and their slightly nasal vocals. Their music sounds sweet and innocent, but its laced with a bad attitude. It's like they're surrounded by bunnies and sunshine but they're staring at the ground, refusing to look at the bright side of things.

MP3: Lightning Love - Good Time

Lightning Love on MySpace

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