Monday, December 22, 2008


Palomar is a three-girl-and-one-guy band from Brooklyn. Their crunchy 90's sound made my ears perk right up, and sure enough, I found out that they originally formed in 1998. After sporadically putting out albums on various labels for almost a decade, they recently released All Things, Forests via MISRA Records in 2007. The only way I can describe their music is that it sounds like unbridled happiness. It's not sugary, though. The guitars sound full and heavy, and the singer is just tiny bit disaffected, like how Courtney Love might have sung minus all the the snot and drugs. The harmonies sound sweet, floating up above the grunge. Recommended if you wish That Dog was still around.

MP3: Palomar - One Haunt

Buy All Things, Forests

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