Friday, February 27, 2009


Weinland makes deliberate, carefully arranged folk rock. Their music soars and falls effortlessly, never becoming oversentimental. Their restraint creates a ton of drama without whiny or angry vocals. Harmonies lean on each other like two chairless people standing back to back for a rest. The piano pieces are my favorite, either stopping to tug at my heartstrings or moving ahead like a strong current flowing underneath everything else.

MP3: Weinland - Sunken Eyes

MP3: Weinland - I'm Sure It Helps

The band has a new record coming out on April 21st from the Badman Recording Co. They want to release a vinyl version through Jealous Butcher, but just like the rest of us, money is a problem right now. If you donate $20 to the "Weinland Vinyl Fund" you'll get an early release, autographed copy of Breaks in the Sun on 180 Gram vinyl. I wonder if they'll accept the cheap sweater I just bought at H&M that I didn't need.

Weinland's Adam Shearer will also be performing with The Portland Cello Project at the March pre-release shows I posted about earlier.

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Tsuru said...

Great album........ just lovely.

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