Monday, March 23, 2009

Alaska in Winter

I kept seeing Alaska in Winter come up in SXSW recaps. Either I'm the last one to hear about this guy, or he really broke free from the pack this year in Austin. Brandon Bethancourt, the guy behind the guy behind the guy Alaska in Winter, released the electronica album "Holiday" late last year after a stay in Berlin. They say Berlin is the Detroit of Europe, so maybe that's why I'm liking this.

I'm very tired; I can only tell you that I still made the effort to post about Alaska in Winter despite two disparaging things:
1) The color palette and typography on their cover art and t-shirts are horrible in that they look like my Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper from 1991.
2) The top 4 friends on his MySpace page are fake accounts made solely to create the look of a chopped up "banner" type graphic along his top row of friends. Unnecessary.

The following song is the last track on the album and features Zach Condon of Beirut. His yodel-y sort of singing oddly fits well among the synthesizers and drum machines.

MP3: Alaska in Winter - Close Your Eyes (Remix)

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