Monday, October 22, 2007

The BQE: Sufjan Stevens is an uber band geek

If you were wondering what Sufjan has been up to (besides growing his hair out), wait no longer. His next project is a symphony and accompanying film about the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. It will be performed November 1-3 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. He will not sing. He'll just conduct the orchestra, and the film will play in the background. Shot in 16mm and Super 8, it's essentially a filmed road trip along the expressway and through surrounding Brooklyn.

According to a recent interview in New York magazine, Soof-yan was commissioned to do the project by the curator of the Next Wave Festival, which this performance is a part of. He agreed to do it because he wants to do more arrangement and composing instead of singing, saying "I'm getting tired of my voice." Hmmm. This worries me. I would much prefer Sufjan's voice + one instrument and nothing else versus all the orchestras in the world.

And so, please enjoy a video of Sufjan perched precariously on a rooftop in Cincinatti, singing "Lakes of Canada" for no apparent reason.

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