Monday, October 22, 2007

We Are Wolves

Remember the CMJ InSound sampler I mentioned last week? One band on it really stood out to me and that was We Are Wolves.

While we were in New York, Matt met a lovely couple from Montreal on the hotel shuttle and proceeded to ask them if they spoke "French and Normal" back home. The thing I like about We Are Wolves is that they are also from Montreal and they also speak French and Normal. Their MySpace page is translated in both languages. Apparently there is no French word for "post-punk", which is as it should be. It's just like there's no English word for "french fries".

Their music is really intense and crazy in the same vein as Thunderbirds are Now. Plus everything sounds sexier in French. But not all of their music is in French, so I'm giving you a sampling of both. You can download "Magique" if you're a Francophile or "Fight and Kiss" if you're a Normal Speaking Person.

We Are Wolves on MySpace

Buy their records from Dare to Care Records

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