Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Hard Lessons

Pay attention, boys, because your next crush is going to be on Ko Ko Louise from The Hard Lessons. She has an amazing voice that will grab you by the collar, I promise. Where Jenny Lewis is sultry, she's got a little more soul instead. And where Karen O is a bit screamy, Ko Ko is just full of energy. And so is the rest of the band. When the three of them are on stage, it sounds like at least nine people are up there because they're playing their guts out. Ko Ko plus Augie on guitar and The Anvil on drums make up the most amazing trifecta of Detroit rock.

Their 2005 release Gasoline has been on extremely heavy rotation for the last few days. It's just plain great, catchy pop punk music. But Augie's guitar chops and the strength of Ko Ko's vocals put a weight down on the songs that prevent them from sounding like a guilty pleasure band. I really hope they knock your socks off.

The Hard Lessons - I Can't Stand It

Lately they've been working on a new record and are about to shoot a video for "See and Be Scene". If you're in the Detroit area, you can go to the Crofoot in Pontiac tomorrow night and be an extra. More info on that here.

Here's a video of an in-store at Culture Clash in Toledo. Toledo is also where my Hard Lessons CD is currently located. If you drive a crane in the Toledo area, and you feel like playing Giant Claw Drop Machine, (cause what crane driver doesn't?) stick that claw through the sunroof of a Ford Escape and see if you can fish it out for me. I want that sucker back!

The Hard Lessons on MySpace
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