Monday, October 08, 2007

Hot Rod Circuit

Lie awake, wondering,
If things could have been much different.

It's with great sadness that the reason for me recommending this wonderful, wonderful band is because they have decided to call it quits. Ever since I was in high school, Hot Rod Circuit has been the kind of band that I always loved regardless if I listened to them once a week, once a month, or just whenever. No matter how much my musical tastes changed, I always had a special spot for them.

I have to be honest, reading that they were breaking up is both shocking and it makes me incredibly unhappy. This would probably go down as the third worst band breakup in regards to the effect it had on me. First being blink-182, closely followed by the Get Up Kids. So today, instead of mourning the loss of another great band, let's instead celebrate their long history we've had together.

From the moment I heard the beginning line from "The Pharmacist", I knew I would love this band. This band has always been under appreciated and never really carried over to the mainstream crowd but it wasn't because they weren't talented enough. They've always toured with some incredible bands, and I really can't explain why they never crossed over. I do know that they wrote some of the most fun, catchy tunes that would always leave you singing your lungs out in the car.

I strongly urge you to give a listen to probably my favorite album by them, "Sorry About Tomorrow". If it doesn't leave you tapping your toes, I don't know what will. I honestly couldn't say enough good words about this band, I just know that they will be greatly missed.


I wanted to post a youtube video, but honestly none of them do this band justice. Check em out on iTunes, you'll fall in love.

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