Sunday, October 07, 2007

What not to listen Dan Stepaniak

So I'm going to record a record when my throat is all congested and stuff. I'll sound like Macy Gray. She should keep recording, her and Nickelback should do a horrible collaboration. It would be the worst thing ever recorded. This is D to the an and I think that anything that either of those two do should be banned from the airwaves. They're no Geddy Lee, they're no Rush. Flight by night good bye my dear, did I fail to mention that this was a drunk blog, cause it is. I love the word blog thanks to Matt and Christina, they're pretty much John Lennon to me. If those two had a baby I would eat it, with sugar on top. No I wouldn't (Mr. Brish), because that baby would be a musical genius.
Oh, don't even get me started!!! Kanye West copied off of Daft Punk from the 80's! Now it's all hot in da clubs and what not! It shouldn't be, that sampling sack of s**t! You think you're hot in "da" club, well you're not. "Fiddy" is hotter cause it's his birfday and he got shot nine times. Hey, anybody out there get at me and let's trade mix(ed drinks).


Dan Stepaniak said...

After reading that sober I need to clear-up a couple things:
1)I really do hate Nickleback and Macy Gray.
2)I'm not Mike Tyson, so I don't know why I threatened to eat any babies.
3)I really hate 50 Cent, so I have no idea why I gave him any props at the end there, he didn't deserve it.
4)I just want to add that Sublime is my favorite band of all time.

Anonymous said...

Although Macy Gray has a strange voice, there's a lot of soul in her music, and quite a bit of powere in some odd way to her vocals. Just because we don't like a band doesn't mean we have to crucify them. Think about it, The Backstreet Boys sold millions of records, as did Nickleback. There's a reason for that. They might write thoughtless lyrics that our generation can't relate to, or find stupid, but people in their 30's seem to love it.
Open your mind up a little bit buddy, there's a reason a lot of these bands are selling millions.
(oh yeah, Mike Robillard... I refuse to use google anything) haha.

Dan Stepaniak said...

I disagree about there being any "soul" in Macy Gray's music. The only thing in Macy Gray's music is her horrible raspy vocals. It has nothing to do with my not "liking" her. There are tons of musicians I don't like such as: Nickleback, Macy Gray, Chumbawamba, 98 Degrees, Reba McEntire, Boy George, Sinead O'Connor, Devo, Toby Keith, WHAM!, Clay Aiken, the list can go on forever, but just because they're doing what they love. . .making music. Doesn't mean that I have to love it too.
For example, I love writing blogs. Not everyone is going to love what I write about, and they shouldn't because this is just the ramblings of a drunk wanna be gangsta all dressed up for Halloween. So in closing, just because people sell a lot of records that doesn't make them a good musician. Some people may not sell any records, but they're great. Maybe they just didn't write a song about "getting knocked down, but I get up again. You're never gonna keep me down. I get knocked down, but I get up again. You're never gonna keep me down. I get knocked down, but I get up again. You're never gonna keep me down." - Chumbawamba.

Anyways anonymous, try and defend Chumbawamba. . .I dare you.

Anonymous said...

It's all about different strokes for different folks. Kurt Cobain had god awful raspy vocals but took underground grunge and introduced it to the world. Don't get my wrong, I can't stand any of the bands you listen, including Macy Gray but there's honestly no way you can watch her perform and tell me there isn't any soul in her music. To be honest with you she has more of a genuine sound than bands like Taking Back Sunday (who I love more than anything). These scene bands these days might write awesome musice but their heart isn't in it. The music is dispensable. Don't worry, we can justdo a agree to disagree kinda thing. I too love blogging. hollaaa
(mike again) haha. woot.

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