Saturday, October 06, 2007

A lil newsy tidbit about the Lager House

Everyone's favorite hole in the wall bar, the Lager House, hasn't been booking shows for a while. I noticed their calendar was a little sparser than usual and wondered what the heck was going on. It turns out there's been a change in barkeep and so there's been a lapse in booking bands. I hope the new owners don't mind our friend Ferris throwing up on the bar. He does that sometimes.

Below I have their announcement for your reading pleasure. See why I love this place? "Shut up and drink!" No danger at all of classing up the joint.

Answer to: Is the Lager House closing?
NO! For the umpteenth time, NO! The Lager House may, in the next few weeks, be transferring ownership. But, nothing about The Lager House will change. It's still going to be the same shit hole you love going to. The bathrooms may see some renovation, thank god. But, other than that there will be very few changes. Yes, it's true. Rich and Jay are no longer booking shows at the Lager House. They're just burnt out and need a break. Rich did an awesome job for six years, but now he's moving on. So, if you're looking to book a show, send a message on myspace, mail your shit into the Lager, Attn: Aaron @ 1254 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI 48226 or e-mail your information to We're still booking bands, we just have a little gap due to the changeover in booking. So, wipe your tears you fucking morons and come up for a drink. Since we don't have bands right now, it's a perfect time for you to bring up your ipod, plug it into that monstrosity of a tuner, jam out to YOUR favorite music and drink, drink, drink. Aaron's working tonight so come up and buy him a shot. Don't give him crap about the bar "closing" cuz now you know what's really going on. Just shut up and drink!

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