Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Releases: Saves the Day - Under The Boards

Today marks another solid music release day in October for yours truly. Though my wallet hates me, my ears are thanking me on a daily basis. The only complaint they do have is that I have had a very small chance to spend a lot of time with each release. Last year, Saves the Day released Sound the Alarm which, in my eyes, was one of the top 10 albums released last year. It was loud, fast and dark, everything that I wanted from a STD album. Shortly after its release, news came out that the album was the first of a trilogy, and that the second chapter would be out somtime this year followed by the concluding album sometime in 2008. I have been anticipating this release for months and months now and I finally have it. I love it. It's a lot more moody, and entirely tragic sounding but I am in love it with. Singer Chris Conley confronts his demons in the most purest of ways, by wrtiting painfully real lyrics. It's pretty incredible how you can find such beauty in something so depressing. You have to go out and get this, I promise you it will not dissapoint.

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