Friday, October 19, 2007

Show review (sort of): Thrice and Brand New

First, this really won't be a very formal review. Let's call it a summary instead. This was my first time at the Fillmore (since the name was changed) and to be honest I was a little bummed out about it. First, there is no longer smoking allowed in the venue, you have to go to the State Bar or go outside. And for $5 you can get yourself the smallest beer in the world. If this beer was in a SNL sketch, it would be the one where Will Ferrell plays that designer guy with the small cell phone. But this is all besides the point. Doors opened at 6:30 and the first band, mewithoutYou, started around 7:30. I'm not even going to take the time summarizing their set because honestly I could care less. I've tried and tried and tried to get into this band and I just cannot do it. As co-owner of this blog, I refuse to cover their set. We sat in the State Bar while they were playing, and came out just in time for Thrice to start their set.

I was way more excited to see Thrice than Brand New. Their live show never dissapoints, and their setlists are always pretty good. They started out the night with a song off of their new Fire disc, Firebreather. The new stuff sounded amazing live, though when they played the first track off of the Water disc, Digital Sea, the vocals were a little hard to hear at times because of the electronic effects. There were a few songs I would have liked to hear, but all in all they played a pretty decent set. And yeah, I was that nerd in the back taking note of all the songs for this "summary". During their last song, this girl came up to Bryan and asked him if Brand New was next in a way that angered me that she was not appreciating Thrice as much as she should. This brought out the music snob in me, and from that point on she was dead to me. Anyways, Thrice's setlist is as follows:

Stare At The Sun
Betrayal Is A Symptom
Digital Sea
Of Dust And Nations
Burn The Fleet
Artist In The Ambulance
Under A Killing Moon
Open Water
The Messenger
Red Sky
The Earth Will Shake

And this brings me to Brand New.

Dear Brand New,
Get over yourself. I think somebody needs to remind them that they once wrote an album called Your Favorite Weapon. I'm so indifferent about how I feel about their set. They played well, really well actually. And seeing Jesse play Play Crack The Sky acoustic was definitely a highlight of their set, but I can't help but feel like I was let down. They played one song more than Thrice, and this is their headlining tour. On top of that, of the 14 songs they played, 11 of them were off of The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me. It's not even that I hate the new cd, because in all honesty I think it's pretty good but come on. There was no variety to this set at all. When the set ended and they walked off stage, I knew they would come back and play a few more and since almost all of their new album was played during the set I hoped we would get a few older songs for the encore. They came back out, played the instrumental song off of the new album and walked off stage. end of show. I'm gonna go listen to Your Favorite Weapon, I liked that band better anyways.

Their setlist if you're interested:

Not The Sun
The Archers Bows Are Broken
You Won't Know
Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't
Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades
Play Crack The Sky
Sowing Season (Yeah)
Jesus Christ

Welcome To Bangkok


Anonymous said...

You know what, I have the same feelings towards Brand New. I'm all about re-inventing your sound and everything, but honestly I can't get into the new album. The band also has some strange nose in the air vibe about them. Maybe it's just me, but sometimes I think it's okay to go back to your roots.

Matt said...

I agree completely. They just come off as arrogant and ungrateful anymore. I'm not going to tonight's show, but I'm going to be incredibly pissed if their setlist changes for the better tonight.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend said it was exactly the same.

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