Friday, November 02, 2007

Decemberists Cancel Tour; Led Zep Reunion Postponed; Sky Falls

They don't make 'em like they used to, I guess. Rock stars seem to be falling apart all over the place lately. First of all, The Decemberists have canceled their upcoming tour due to an illness in the band. Their last European tour was cut short for the same reason, but the D's never released details about who was sick and why. I hope whoever it is recovers quickly, and if it's Colin, I'm really sorry for making fun of your suspenders. The canceled "Long and Short of It" tour was supposed to see the Decemberists play two nights in each city. One night they were only going to play songs over 8 minutes long, while the next night's setlist would only have songs under 8 minutes. I loved the idea behind it and I hope they end up doing this someday.

Jimmy Page is also on the mend, having broken a finger and putting the much anticipated Led Zeppelin reunion on hold. The London concert that was supposed to take place on November 26th has been moved to December 10th to give him time to heal. More info about the reunion in my previous post here.

And since bad news always comes in threes, I'd like to pay tribute to the late Robert Goulet with this video. Jimmy Page can play guitar, but can he croon?

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