Thursday, November 01, 2007

Upcoming Shows: Jimmy Eat World, Tigercity, Girl Talk

Lots of good stuff going on next week:

Jimmy Eat World is playing at MSU this Sunday, 11/4, with Viva Voce. JEW is one of the few bands I loved from the late 90's that has grown up along with me. Their new record Chase This Light is excellent and it's been on pretty much constant rotation. My favorite line on this album is "back when I was younger, I was someone you'd have liked." Innocence has been replaced with cynicism, but they still write about unrequited love better than anyone. I can't wait for this show.

Jimmy Eat World - Firefight [MP3]

Tigercity is playing at The Crofoot on Tuesday, 11/6. They'll be opening for Mobius Band. I wrote about these guys a while ago back when they were on Daytrotter. Below you can listen to an live performance they did on my favorite radio show ever, Fair Game with Faith Salie.

Tigercity - Red Lips [stream]

Girl Talk is going to be at the Eagle Theater on Saturday, 11/10. This venue is right next to The Crofoot, where Band of Horses will playing the same night. I secretly hope Girl Talk's set is loud enough to drown out everything else in the city of Pontiac. (See, there's my emo cynicism I told you about earlier.) I saw GT at Bonnaroo this summer, and it was the best part of the weekend by far. It was like a crazy party formed right in the middle of a bunch of..."lethargic", spaced out hippies. I'm only posting the song below because I really wanted to use "NSFW" in a post today.

Girl Talk - Give and Go [MP3] (NSFW)

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